• Pre-Planning

  • Pre-planning your final funeral and burial arrangements or cremation is simply a matter of taking the time to think about your desires.  It’s a thoughtful gesture to those you love.  You’ll be more relaxed, knowing your plans will be carried out according to your wishes.

    Pre-planning your final arrangements:

    • Relieves your family members of making very personal decisions at the time of grief.
    • Lets your family know your personal wishes.
    • Protects you and your family from the effects of inflation.
    • Allows you time to pay for your Service wishes through affordable payment options.

    We can provide to you a planning session at no charge or obligation.

    ** Charlie Marshall also accepts most pre-need arrangements from other funeral homes.**

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    For state laws and regulations regarding pre-planed funerals please visit: http://www.prepaidfunerals.texas.gov/